WPS navigating our customers through difficult times

Finally there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel in the UK with more than 50 million having received Covid vaccines with many having had their 2nd jab.

As the economy starts to pick up this summer, every hope is we can return to some normality very soon. What hasn’t been normal is the sheer size of impact the pandemic has brought too many commodities and global markets. Extended lead-times and volatile cost have affected nearly everything manufactured at some point and is still ongoing.

From a WPS perspective, shipping containers, plastics, cardboard through too many components manufacturers have resulted in shortages and lengthy lead-times never seen before surpassing any previous period of allocation whilst expediting has a heightened importance keeping a tab on what’s coming in and what’s slipping out to ensure production can maintain good productivity.

However from all the bad news surrounding general market conditions, there is a positive WPS can take from the situation... We’ve secured 3 new customers in as many months with record bookings for the same period with all customers predicting increased demand this year into next.

A conscious effort end of last year and the beginning of 2021 was to get as many customers as possible scheduled up as there was every indication supply were going to get tight. Ultimately has paid dividends allowing us to keep producing product. WPS strategy is always to remain fleet of foot, the move to react early has allowed customers to plan through 2021/22 whilst navigating round the familiar 52wks L/T. As most know, having product is king and WPS is not afraid of commitment to ensure continuity of supply to the end customer.