2021 Challenge Ahead

If 2020 was not bad enough, 2021 would appear to be on the same path accept there is now light at the end of the tunnel in the form of several vaccines rolling out in the coming year. Depending on how quickly these can be administered, will play a big part in getting our hospitality sector back up in time for summer. The impact of a third lock down on businesses will not really be known until end of March Q1. Brexit in the meantime time has taken a back seat where the first few days of trade seem unaffected with only Covid related issues coming to the fore. While the Global Covid situation remains uncertain, UK contract manufacturing continues to be an attractive proposition for locally built product. What does appear to be happening is lead-times moving out plus cost increases relating to raw materials/plastics through to labour/shipping charges (and nearly everything in-between) coming down the track. Right now, purchasing (however difficult it is) needs to be looking at their forecasts and how to work with through 2021, every sign is by end of Q2 we could see a situation where demand outstrips supply by 2-1 as the whole world starts to switch back on. As a CEM we are reminding all of customers to place those critical forward orders without delay.

2021 challenge