Megger visits Wilson Process Systems as part of new development initiative

Global OEM Megger, based in Dover, has recently been looking to expand on its portfolio of products by increasing its manufacturing capabilities to support even more medium volume/high mix PCBAs.
To better understand the challenges of improved productivity and efficiency, whilst dealing with a constantly expanding product range, Megger wanted to look to industry leaders in electronics manufacturing operating similar processes but on a slightly different scale.
Having reviewed several companies as potential options to visit, Wilson Process Systems (WPS), based in Hastings, appeared to be best suited as their range of services included medium to high volumes across a varied mix of industries nationally.
Martin Heritage, Megger’s principal NPI manager, commented; “We wanted to get a perspective on how other electronics companies (in this case, an electronic subcontractor) managed a dynamic product range through the assembly processes including SMT, leaded assembly, AOI, test and conformal coating. WPS is renowned for its ability to offer low to high mix of PCBAs, while utilising capabilities similar to our own, so we were confident there would be synergy between us. By looking at how WPS manage processes and optimisation of equipment, we hope to glean some ideas to determine best practice on how to maximise our existing capabilities or consider introducing new equipment and new methodology”.
Steve Russell, manufacturing director at WPS was delighted that they had been selected for the visit, commenting; “To have the pleasure of showing one of the South’s largest OEM electronics companies round our facilities was an honour especially when part of the attraction is our fundamental manufacturing processes”.

WPS Team