Building On Your Design

While Electronics Sourcing celebrates its first decade, Wilson Process Systems (WPS) is now in its fourth decade.

Over this time it has transformed from a bare printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer to one of the largest electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers in the south. Growth has been driven by customer demand and the desire to automate and invest from within.

This last 10 years have remained fluid for WPS with expansion in 2006, continued investment, an upsurge in the lighting industry and continued demand for conventional assembly.

Going back to 2006, expansion was necessary as the company’s main production site was a limiting factor. WPS acquired a second site, able to house surface mount lines of 45ft in length. This facility has continually been upgraded over the years and currently houses four SMT lines, capable of over 200,000 placements an hour.

Automated conventional LED insertion surpassed 35,000,000 pieces in 2011 and additional automated conformal coating lines, encapsulation equipment and environmental testing facilities followed.

2013 saw major investment in surface mount equipment and again in 2015 with the introduction of two Universal Fuzion lines. WPS now offers manufacture of PCBs up to 1,350 by 550mm as a fully automated process.

Over the past decade WPS’ customer base remained loyal across a range of industries where its objective has always been to build long term partnerships and where flexibility and proactivity are key. Investment in staff training and the best available equipment have also been drivers for success.

PCB Manufacture

Economically, 2015 looks uncertain for many sectors, however WPS hopes the next 10 years will see the same level of activity and investment as the last.