A pro-active approach to market forces

As it enters its 39th year, Wilson Process Systems continues to reinforce its proven strategies in order to ensure a stable future — whatever it may hold

Following an upturn in both new and existing business during the fourth quarter of 2018, prospects for the year ahead are encouraging for WPS. Whether this is because customers have recognised the need to forward order due to the difficult component market or the rapidly approaching Brexit deadline has inflated UK based order books, WPS is ready for the challenge.

To guard against current component lead-time issues, WPS has increased its purchasing team and made significant investment in stock of critical components, as well as strengthening long term supply agreements with key distributors.

After a recent BSi audit, WPS has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. The audit demonstrated 100 per cent compliance in transitioning from ISO 9001:2008, highlighting WPS’ dedication to providing high quality services and the ongoing effectiveness of its quality management system. Current and prospective customers can have confidence in the quality of the company’s products and its ability to satisfy regulatory requirements.

One of the principles underpinning WPS is its continued investment in the latest technology. This helps WPS provide ample capacity with a technically advanced range of services, while also remaining competitive.

Recent additions to the plant list include a selective soldering system and 3D automated optical inspection equipment, as well as upgrades to the surface mount department. This has enhanced the company’s capacity of 200,000 component placements per hour. It also allows WPS to assemble PCBs up to 1,300 by 500mm in a fully automated process and to place BGAs and fine pitch devices down to 01005.

Jim Hobbs, Quality Manager, WPS